Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shop Rite 3/4-3/10

Get your printed General Mills coupons and head over to Shop Rite for some great cereal deals! There is a limit of 4 offers, or 16 boxes! and
4 -.85 Cookie Crisp
4- .60 Lucky Charms
4-.50 Honey Nut Cherrios
4-.75 Cookie Crisp
16 boxes for $10.40 or $.65 a box!


  1. You're an inspiration Tina. This way of life aka couponing has saved my family money. I always follow you on facebook so I can learn from you and your great money saving ways! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sarah Jane Gordon

    1. Thank You so much Sarah Jane, I really appreciate your kind words! Tina