Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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Patience is a truly a virtue!

I had to share my Pathmark experience from 2 weeks ago. I stopped by Pathmark to pick up cereal and the awesome Dove for men soap deal, in case you don't remember Dove for men was on sale for $6.49 then there was a $4.00 coupon & a $3.75 ecoupon for it. So I happily went a got my 6 bar pack of Dove for Men, Caress bodywash, Ragu pasta sauce & cereal. At checkout I handed the cashier my Pathmark Advantage card and my Waldbaums card got in way so the register scanned both cards. After my purchase was made I noticed the Caress, Ragu & Dove for Men ecoupons did not come off. So off to customer service I went. The customer service girl was very polite & helpful but she too couldn't figure out why my ecoupons had not come off. She first thought it was because it was not listed in the flyer however I told her the coupons were just released by Unilever on Zavers and they were added to my card on Sunday. She made a phone call and they told her to call someone else. By this time 15 minutes had gone by, after the third phone call and another 15 mins the person on the other line was able to pull up my Advantage Card and manually redeem my Zavers ecoupons. Happy Happy Joy Joy they redeemed my coupons! When I logged into my Zavers account it said the coupons had been redeemed!
 I'm not someone who is going to walk away from the savings I am entitled too after all whats the point of going through all the work to properly coupon if I don't get the benefits. It was later determined that my Waldbaums card getting in the way canceled out my Pathmark card and there for the register couldn't redeem the coupons.

I'm sharing my experience because no matter how hard we plan the perfect shopping trip sometimes a glitch happens a little patience goes a long way! ~ Miss Tina