Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Do you offer a Military Discount?

My Husband has become the KING of asking "Do you have a Military discount?" and to our surprise the answer is 99% of the time yes! We were in Atlantic City years ago and jokingly he asked the gentleman who owned a hot dog cart those words, YES was his answer. Why would this hot dog cart vendor offer a Military discount, "I'm a Vet" he said. As the years have gone by my Husband has asked everywhere we go that doesn't publicly announce they offer a Military discount if they offer one. It warms heart to see him saving! He has never been afraid or to proud to ask either. 

Many places offer Military discounts, from Car Dealerships, clothing stores, hotels, consignment shops, theme parks, resorts, to the great hot dog cart vendor of Atlantic City. Most importantly not just Military discounts are offered at these places, some offer Fire Fighters, Police, Nurses, Teachers and EMT workers discounts as well, so NEVER be afraid to say " Do you offer a Police Officers Discount?" You just may unexpectedly cash in on some great savings!