Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I have been asked time and time and time over the past year to start a couponing blog or website to share my couponing wisdom, well  first I said why? there are so many other sites out there already! Then I kept having to give advicee on facebook and it really was becoming difficult to help everyone at once. So finally I was like OK there has to be a better way to reach everyone who has questions, to actually walk through step by step the ins and outs of extreme couponing to maximize your savings! No extreme couponing is not buying 500 denture creams you dont need, it is extreme because of the large amounts of money you will SAVE by using coupons on products your family is using right now! How's 50-90% savings work for you? Me, I have gotten many 100% savings and it feels so good :) To be in a store and to watch the total get down to zero or even better when the store owes you!

 I am probably one of the biggest fans of coupons, why not? ITS FREE MONEY!!!! So I want as much of it as I can get my hands on! EVERYONE should be couponing no matter how much or how little you make!. Its not just saving you money it really is a way of life. A way to get out of debt, a way to put your kids through college, a way to save for a vacation or whatever goal you set for yourself to get you motivated. All it took for me was my 1st shopping trip to realize I will NEVER purchase another thing without a coupon! Getting the coupons is the easy part, the challenge comes in when its time to sit down with your weekly sales flyer's and match up those coupons( free money) and to use them! So many people tell me I cut coupons but I forget them, are you crazy? You might as well say you left your wallet at home! The next best excuse I have heard is I don't have time to coupon, did you know for every 1 hour you spend couponing you save $100??!!! Yes, you might as well take $100 and throw it in the trash by not couponing, me I'd rather see that $100 savings grow in my bank account hour after hour! In 14 months I have saved my family over $7000!!! YES that's right and I am proud of it! As a Military family of 6 with one income, every dollar I save with a coupon is a dollar that stays in our bank account, or pays for our trip to Disney or helps us get rid of our student loans, and pays for our new car! And finally the #1 excuse for not couponing I only buy organic and there aren't coupons for organic product and produce items to that I say you are not looking!

If you think couponing is only for the ladies on TV, you are mistaken! Couponing is for anyone who wants to increase their pantry without decreasing their wallet.

I'm very vocal about coupons and I am always sharing my coupon wisdom to anyone who is willing to listen! Are you?

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