Saturday, June 9, 2012

Coupons jumpstart Saving!

Couponing is a jump start to any savings goal. Like I tell everyone, if you don't set a goal when couponing then what are you couponing for? Its really difficult to control certain bills in our lives that are essential like household utilities, car insurance (although you can shop around for the best coverage at the lowest price), your mode of transportation, your rent or mortgage. These are almost always fixed bills that never change. The ONE constant bill you can control is your grocery bill. By couponing and stocking up when prices are the lowest prevent you from buying these items every single shopping trip. Making list and keeping a watchful eye on whats needed in your household also allows you to control the amount of items you purchase. Now I never encourage anyone to purchase anything that their family does not use on a regular basis, in my opinion its a waste of time, money & space. Just because its free doesn't mean you need it in your house.

Once you have realized that something so simple as using coupons to start saving on groceries you will begin to look for other areas in your household budget to save or cut back without sacrificing your lifestyle. I know many families that instead of taking 10mins to search for a coupon or discount code will pay full price just to avoid the hassle. But what if that discount was for 50% off? What could you have used those savings towards? That's how I look at it. Taking the time to find a discount allows me to apply those savings to other areas of our household. Its an AMAZING feeling knowing I just saved my family money, got a discount and can apply those savings to reduce debt, or for a family trip or to put in our kids college accounts. AND I didn't sacrifice anything! Couponing and saving should be fun, not stressful or overwhelming. Just get started and see your savings grow :)

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