Monday, May 28, 2012

Shop Rite additional deals!

My Shop Rite here on Staten Island has 2 unadvertised sales I just had to post! If there are any other unadvertised sales I will quickly post them as the week goes on. Remember these are at Shop Rite Staten Island so ALWAYS check with your local store.
  • 1: They are substituting the Sensible 40ct paper plates on sale this week for $1.34 with the Chinet Colors 36ct paper plates for $1.19!!!! So if you have the .55/1 Chinet Colors coupons or the $1 Chinet Colors emailed to you from joining the Chinet Club you can get them for as little as .09c!
  • 2: Maruchan yakisoba noodles are 10 for $10! So FREE if you have the .50/1 Maruchan yakisoba coupons or .50 if yo have the $1/2 Maruchan yakisoba coupons!

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