Tuesday, May 29, 2012

UPDATE!!!!Pepsi Deal @ Stop & Shop

I went to Stop & Shop this morning to try out a deal to see if it was working here on Staten Island, some deals work here and some don't. There is a promo going at Stop & Shop when you spend $20 on select products you get a $7 Catalina for your next purchase. The deal is also offering an additional savings( I have no idea why to be honest) that is taking an ADDITIONAL $12.95 off your purchase of 5 (shelf price 4.79 sale price 3.67) Pepsi Brand 6pk 16.9oz sodas. Stop & Shop on Hylan Blvd ONLY had about 10 Pepsi and 8 Diet Pepsi so I only did the deal once. I will go back before the sale ends Thursday to get other varieties if they get some in. So here is what I bought and ONLY spent $6.37 including tax & bottle deposits. Thanks Cindy for all the info on the deal!

*UPDATE: Several people have told me the Pespsi deal is NO longer taking off the extra discount. If it has worked for you today PLEASE post it in the comments section and which store it worked for you at.* Thanks

5 Pepsi 6pk 16.9oz Soda $4.79 shelf price(3.67 & 3.66 each sale price)
4 Oscar Mayer Sandwich Singles packs $1 each
4 Maruchan Noodles $1 each

Total 33.45 including bottle deposits
Then deducted the sales difference from shelf price and sale price $1.12 x 5 =$5.60
Automatically Deducted $12.95 from the Pepsi's
4 .50/1 Maruchan Noodles coupons (fully doubled to $1 each)
Total paid after all deductions $11.37 including bottle deposits and tax
I got back 1 $7 Catalina from Pepsi and 1 $3 Catalina from Oscar Mayer

Trans #2
4 Bounty Napkins 1.19each
4 Maruchan Noodles 1.00each
4 Oscar Mayer Sandwich singles 1.00each
2 Land O Lakes Eggs 2.00each
1 Over the Moon Milk 3.00
Total 22.43
Then I used these coupons
4 .50/1 Bounty Napkins
4 .50/1 Maruchan Noodles
2 .75/1 Land O Lakes eggs
1 1.00 Over the Moon Milk
1 3.00 Catalina from Oscar Mayer
Total paid after coupons & sales $5
Got back another $3 Catalina from Oscar Mayer

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