Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why are you not using coupons?

So today I was at the store and the cashier was having a difficult time understanding the wording of my coupon, when a coupon states limit 1 coupon per purchase it DOES NOT mean 1 per transaction! Because of her lack of knowledge with coupon wording she said its the reason she doesn't use coupons! I almost had an anxiety attack right there at checkout! Not use coupons simply because you dont understand the wording seemed crazy to me, but lately I have been coming across that exact comment form many cashiers. In all reality prices are go up for groceries and a families paycheck is not. Using coupons is a wonderful way to help offset that fact. NO ONE should have to choose between milk for their children's breakfast or gas to get to work? Because we ALL know they cost the same! In fact milk may actually be higher!!! I do feel its my responsibility to help everyone and every family make their grocery budget go farther and get more! Its the reason I started this blog, so I could help people on a more personal level so people will not feel intimidated by coupons so they can get the biggest bang for their buck, its also why I have made it my own goal to reach and help as many families as I can. Im here to help and am soooooo happy to!

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